Our Purpose

We're committed to helping our clients and customers achieve digital harmony with their data across devices and technologies. Our purpose is to solve the most challenging problems using the brightest people and technology available.

Our Process

Our agile approach to project management means you're going to see fast turnaround and multiple iterations as we work towards a common goal, continuously taking into account your feedback. Requirements evolve when you start to see a solution come to life, and we understand that.

Our Focus ("The 3 C's")

We make data more accessible, reliable, and valuable by focusing our efforts on areas where you struggle the most to make better decisions.  That may come in the form of a reporting dashboard, an updated website, or a custom built solution that streamlines a series of disconnected processes. Our tools help answer your toughest questions with clarity, consistency, and confidence.

Our Credibility

We've developed software for some of the largest and smallest companies around the world.  Our team members have experience developing solutions that have been deployed in manufacturing facilities, insurance agencies, the Winter and Summer Olympics and the FIFA World Cup.  Our experience and in-house data integration technology turns any project, big or small, into a beautiful success.

INTGRTD - Smarter Data Solutions